Hello, Earth!

My name in Nadezhda, I’m 30 years old.

I’m also known as Nadine G. I’m a artist with a camera.

I devote my free time to shoots, which I organize myself – everything from models to locations and concepts – and I get nothing for it except people’s love. Here’s my story.

In 2009 I’ve dropped out of Arts School after studying here for 7 years.

In 2012 I’ve dropped out of university, where I had studied Translations.

In 2013 I got myself my first camera and began to learn how to shoot – it was mostly conventions and cosplays back then, but I loved it. Some days I did a whole coverage of a  convent – hundreds of fast photos.

That year I’ve learned how to work with studio equipment. I’ve met a very special friend – we did a couple of photos as a test and later she went to a model school. Some time later she actually got a job in modeling and participated in Russian Fashion Week.

Funny thing,  I’ve started to learn Photoshop much earlier than I got camera, so I knew a few things beforehand. But it was a long way to a proper retouch – I stumbled and fell, but I didn’t give up.

In 2014 my photo was used as a cover for a book by Nora Roberts.

Therefore after some time I felt that I was able make changes, I wanted to act – so I’ve got myself a job in advertisement. I worked as a copywriter, but it actually helped me to shoot better – now I could create a whole story in a frame.

In 2015 I've appeared in a short-list in a contest for Climate Diplomacy Day and the photo was on an exhibition in Moscow Darwin Museum.

In 2017 did a collaboration with a famous cosplayer.  Several of my photos has won Editor's choice on ViewBug, others had been made into  prints and successfully sold in China.

In 2018 I've found an agent.

In 2019 another friend of mine, who I encouraged to pursue a model career is going to Shanghai to work. 

I've come a long way. I do this for love, and I have the ability to do it for much more.